Our Special Guests Joining Us

ASCA cooperates and collaborates with aquatic institutions and sport organizations to move the sport of swimming forward in the World.

Bill Wadley

Bill Wadley

Executive Director, ASCA

Bill Wadley was the Ohio State University’s Head Men’s swimming coach for 28 years. He recently retired (June 2017) after a long, successful and winning career. Along with his endeavor to help aspiring swimmers, organizations and schools with the Bill Wadley Swim Academy, he also founded and runs Swim For Life Ohio which provides swimming lessons to underserved children who don’t typically have opportunities for swim lessons

FINIS_John Mix.jpg

John Mix

Co-Founder, FINIS, Inc.

John Mix founded FINIS in 1993 with Olympic Gold Medalist, Pablo Morales. Since then it has grown into one of the most popular swimming brands around the world and is currently sold in over 77 countries. In its 23 years in business, Mix’s company has introduced some of the sports most innovative products from the monofin, to the center mounted snorkel.


Glenn Mills

Co-Founder, GoSwim TV

GoSwim was founded in 2002 by USA Olympian Glenn Mills and business colleague Barbara Hummel. Our mission has always been to create videos that help people swim better and faster. Our videos are easy to follow, and feature world-class swimmers and coaches, including more than 30 Olympians, USA National Team Members, and NCAA champions. Our goal is to show the things that elite swimmers do, that every swimmer can learn to do.


Ben Hunt

Ben has been coaching for 10 years, starting off in the summer recreation leagues before coaching USA swimming for Crow Canyon Sharks. He has been working as the product manager at Aspiricx for two years, working with experts in the sport to create an inclusive platform for swimmers of all ages and skill levels to track their progress, get feedback and reach their goals.

Ross Davenport

Ross Davenport OLY


3 x Olympian, Double Commonwealth Champion and former European Record holder. Now, the International Business Development Manager at FINIS, Inc.

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